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How To Patent A Product

How To Patent A Product – What’s Your Invention?

So you want to be an inventor? Okay. Invent something. You say you already have invented something and can’t wait to get it out there in the public eye and make your first million. Well, you better learn how to patent a product. You do know how to file a patent, don’t you? Well if you don’t, allow me to enlighten you. There are several steps you need to take in order to patent a product of your own design and invention.

First of all, the comparison will need to be made between your fresh new idea and any already patented product with a concept similar in its design. Be it an idea or an actual invention; the process of applying for a patent involves checking to see if something else already exists with similarities in function or structure. This can be done through a website sponsored by USPTO. You will need to know how to work through the US Patent Office.

How To Patent A Product – What’s A Provisional Patenthow to patent a product

You can have patent like protection for as long as one year with a provisional patent. It’s a great first step if you want to learn how to patent an invention, how to patent an idea, or basically how to patent something no matter what it is. This will give you time to begin marketing and work all the bugs out of your prototype before actually announcing it to the public. The patent application can also be organized during this year long period. You know that “patent pending” that you see on so many things? That’s what a provisional patent is. This can be done through the same website as the first step.

One of the steps to patent a product is to give a detailed description. Claims and descriptions are an essential part of a patent. A broad description of design, composition and manufacture will suffice for your offer of inventor broad rights; whereas the claims part of all of this explains how the product does what it does. What this does achieve for the inventor is protection from competitors of similar products.

How To Patent A Product – Fine Tune And Wait

Your application for a patent will take some time. Make good use of it by perfecting your invention.  Patent examiners sometimes negotiate the terms or wording of a patent to better protect its inventor.  They are relatively specific in their descriptions and any dealings they have with the inventor will become a matter of public record, should your patent be issued. You as the inventor and the examiners must agree word for word on how your package will be described in order for your patent to be issued.

How To Patent A Product – Getting Assistance

Some people choose to hire lawyers to assist in their patenting efforts. Costs for patenting can be somewhat substantial at $330 down for the initial filing fee and $100 for the design search fee. These can be reduced by a discounted fee schedule if requested by smaller entities.

You may choose to skip the lawyer fees and opt for one of several patent packages available on the internet. They range from free to about $100 and come in do-it-yourself kits. The important thing is to protect yourself against idea theft while you’re perfecting your invention or creation with a provisional patent. Though it is optional, if you want to know how to patent a product it makes good sense in the long run.

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